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Connollys Of Moy


Whatever its shape, size or finish, every table provides the perfect place for hosting convivial gatherings. The design makes it unmistakable; the size options ensure it fits your space, and the materials set the style: people, plates and conversation come together around a table, overlapping or alternating to the harmonious rhythm of shared company. 

Range of different frame finishes and top finishes to choose from. 

4 different extending options available:

Fixed top.

Up system:

Two extension leaves are located under the tabletop at the ends of a sliding track. To extend the table, simply slide the track out and lift it slightly: this releases the extensions, which lock into place flush with the main tabletop. This highly practical system allows you to extend the table without compromising on style.

Book system:

The movement is akin to opening a drawer: the end of the tabletop opens out on a sliding mechanism and houses the extension leaves, which are attached and folded like a book. At this point, simply open out the leaves to extend the table to seat more quests. 

One system:

Two brackets are located on each side under the tabletop and can be slid out when required. The extension leaves are designed to slot securely into place on top of the runners. When they are no longer needed, they can be removed and stored in your chosen location, while brackets slide back in. Give the size and style of your table a boost in just a few simple steps.


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