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Cleo Chair

Relax armchair with adjustable head, back and footrest

The CLEO RECLINER relax armchair from himolla adapts to your individual needs. The armchair is available with many different features that you can combine with each other to create your personal favorite armchair. The back, head and foot sections are adjustable in all armchair variants, so you can not only sit comfortably, but also lie comfortably.

Sit down and feel good

The himolla CLEO RECLINER is available in three different sizes and offers enough space for relaxed sitting according to your body size. The comfort armchair is ergonomically shaped and equipped with a supportive comfortable fitting on the headrest, which allows both tilt and height adjustment. The 8981 television armchair features chic wood applications on the arm section. Alternatively, you can also find this armchair model with fully upholstered side sections under the number 8980. Furthermore, decide between six different foot variants: you have the choice between star foot and plate shapes, in stainless steel look, powder-coated anthracite and bronze or a 360-degree rotating foot with wooden base.

Manually or motor-operated

The head, back and foot sections of the himolla CLEO RECLINER recliner are independently and continuously adjustable from an upright to a tilted to a reclined position. You can choose between armchair versions whose elements are operated either by body or by pressing a button. On request, electric versions can also be supplied with an external rechargeable battery.

  • Relax armchair
  • armrests with wood application
  • integrated leg rest and adjustable backrest
  • 3 sizes: S-M-L
  • 3 function variants: manual or electric (2-motor with or without lift and rise function)
  • 6 types of bases: 3 star-shaped bases and 3 types of round plates
  • electr. variants with magnetic hand control
  • height-adjustable headrest (manual or electric)
  • manual tilt angle adjustment of the headrest
  • separate adjustment of backrest and leg rest
  • 360° rotatable
  • optionally with external battery
  • seat heights: 44, 46, 50 cm
  • seat depths: 52, 54, 56 cm
  • seat width: 47 cm
  • 2 seat hardnesses: Superlastic soft, - med
  • backrest: Superlastic
  • backrest support: Formasoft cold foam
  • high-back chair
  • side panel completely upholstered under model 8980 (same backrest look)

User manual

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